A glimpse into what’s next from the Obscure Analyst

Posted: April 7, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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I wanted to share with everyone some of the items that I am working on in the pipeline. This is my current list but current events always seem to trump my delivery timelines.

Featured Articles in Progress

– TG’s comment that sapphire is coming to phone and tablet
– Apple’s “real” secret inside Mesa
– GTAT’s next $1B market opportunity
– Things you see but aren’t really there
– Sapphire Screen Toughness right from the Pros
– GTAT Analyst Roundup – EPS & Sales
– iPhone 6 spec’s and Timing Roundup
– The most foolish article of the week goes to..
– All this and many more

Keep the questions and suggestions flying in. Together we can uncover, share and learn from “the truth”.

  1. pat says:

    I think the future is in an unbreakable photovoltaic screen .
    What if a user can gain an extra hour or 2 per day … this is a huge improvement on battery charge cycles. What do you think?


  2. Michael fargo says:

    Thanks for the continued effort. I have a question regarding the Mesa plant and Apples pattens on continuous processing. I use to work in the steel mills. Timken steel developed a continuous caster for pouring chemistries and making billets.
    How do you think Apples patents on continuous processing, heat exchange and laser saws will inhibit others in reducing costs in other industries, using GtAT ASF furnaces? E.g. With semiconductors?

    Thanks. Michael Fargo


    • GTAT is the only equipment maker who makes equipment and operates it. They have a distinct advantage over any customer who has one of their furnaces. To be the curriculum writer and the professor makes it a lot for you to look very smart and above the rest versus a professor teaching someone else’s material.


    • What is also missing from the equation is that Apple has hired the best and brightest in sapphire to development this patented technology/process. This cannot be done overnight and repeated by anyone. The sapphire material makers today don’t have the scale or financial resources or know how to get this done with what they have.


  3. Jonathan says:

    Great Layout on the site, GTAT looks like an interesting growth story! I look forward to diggin into it a bit more through the website.


  4. Dick LeCompte says:

    The continuous casting process sounds similar to the process that Rubicon released a while ago.
    Also GT acquired some EFG technology when it bought Thermal Technology last year.
    Is the Apple process a refinement of those processes or something totally new?


    • Apple patents can be applied to almost any of the growth methods. It sounds like Apple will use a version of EFG to produce the sapphire ribbons under the continuous process. Rubicon has never been a leader of innovation in the sapphire area but I will see if I can find what you are referring to.


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