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January 29, 2014

I obtained Apple’s Production Notification Application from public record, which included a key correspondence between U.S. Foreign Trade Zone officials and Apple’s Deputy Director of Global Trade Compliance related to the status of the Mesa Sapphire plant.  The Mesa Sapphire plant otherwise known as “Project Cascade” as detailed in Apple’s Production Notification Application obtained from Public Records.


The application called out some very interesting information, specifically that Apple would create a critical new sub-component of Apple products.

“Project Cascade will conduct high-tech manufacturing of intermediate goods/components for consumer electronics. All finished components will be exported. This high-tech manufacturing process will create a critical new sub-component of Apple Products to be used in the manufacture of the consumer electronics that will be imported and then sold globally. By pulling this process into the U.S., Apple will be using cutting edge, new technology to enhance and improve the consumer products, making them best in class per product type”

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