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FYI – A new report was just issued tonight to PTT Research Forensics Subscribers related to GT Advanced Technologies


Current Reflections on GT Advanced Technologies 







Over the past 18 months, PTT Research’s Chief Analyst, Mark Gomes, has been credited with being the first to identify Himax (HIMX) inclusion in Google Glasses, as well as the first, announce Pixelworks (PXLW) inclusion in Apple products.

On Monday morning (July 7, 2014), I will be making another major announcement. If you are an existing FORENSICS subscriber, expect to receive a SPECIAL ALERT regarding this news via email. If you are not FORENSICS subscriber, this is your call to action to SIGN UP and receive my groundbreaking news before it goes out to the public later that day.


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iPhone 6 Sapphire Cover Screens Confirmation May be Imminent 4.7″ iPhone 6 Cover Screens Are In Circulation. Sapphire Confirmation May be imminent and Meyers Burger Receives a Follow-Up Slicing Order From An Existing Customer

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PTT Research Forensics subscribers have been issued 3 special alerts over the past 24 hours including one alert this morning before 8 am ET. If you are interested in receiving special alerts in addition to my weekly Forensics newsletter sign up now and be the first to receive breaking news that can make you money.