iPhone 6 Sapphire Cover Screens Confirmation May be Imminent

Posted: July 1, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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iPhone 6 Sapphire Cover Screens Confirmation May be Imminent 4.7″ iPhone 6 Cover Screens Are In Circulation. Sapphire Confirmation May be imminent and Meyers Burger Receives a Follow-Up Slicing Order From An Existing Customer

Full story available at Wall Street Forensics

  1. Moneytreezzz says:

    I wish whoever has these screens could do the scratch test with a key and verify. Sure looks like sapphire to me though.


  2. Barry Fitzgerald says:

    Apple is notorious for NOT pre-announcing anything. So, we will be stuck with anecdotal reports until Sept. 19 (current expected announcement date) Which should give options holders for September 20 a lot of finger biting….


  3. Moneytreezzz says:

    Matt that thiago twitter handle seems confident face of phone is sapphire. If he going to provide a video test to prove?


  4. Michael says:

    Matt, a question despite all seeming to fall into place in last 24hrs… As far as reported revenues go…. Recalling Apple has 45 days to pay once invoiced, and assuming mass production started July…. Could we see a scenario where Apple didn’t “officially take possession” of significant invoice able qtys until late June/early July, therefore ensuring they wouldn’t need to pay until mid-Aug, ie AFTER next GTAT earnings qtr, thereby allowing them a cloud of secrecy (no cat out of the bag via our earnings call) thru their official release for iPhone6?
    I understand some of that is a moot point once sapphire use is more or less confirmed, but for sake of making current qtr numbers, could we see a low current qtr just because it allowed Apple that cover? Obviously a June or July launch would’ve shown after the fact in our Aug call, but with it transpiring like this…. Do you think we could disappoint current qtr despite our obviously earned sales/revenue just because we might not be able to collect/report it till Dec call?


  5. Pete says:

    Hey Matt big fan of your work. Been in GTAT since 13. Looks like Sonny dropped the bomb last night that sapphire is on both screens and looks beautiful. He seems to have a great reputation as he was first to leak exact specs on iPhone 5. You believe him 100% and any way he could provide any proof such as scratch test for us. If this is legit and seems as though sapphire is raining on both phones GTAT is going parabolic next week. Be great to see actual video though our 100% proof.


  6. Michael says:

    Regarding the subscription thing… I am very seriously considering being one of your $30 or so (as soon as I can afford it – was a little later to the party than some) lifetime pledges. It may not take that long the way GTAT and MU are going… Just one honest question… Do you have enough of a longevity guarantee with your company to ensure its a safe investment? I gotta think the legs that GTAT has will keep you busy for years to come, but gotta ask. Thanks again for all you do, your work/efforts are the very reason I can even consider this.


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