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On May 23, 2014 leaked images surfaced from of what appears to be Apple’s iPhone 6 LED backlight.Image


The earliest leaked iPhone 5s backlight images that I could find were leaked on September 7th, 2013 just 3 days before the iPhone 5s invite went out.   The iPhone 5s backlight images were also leaked first by

In other news Vodaphone just slashed the price of the iPhone 5c on Friday. Target just dropped the price of the gold iPhone 5s to just $119.99 from $199.99 with a 2 year contract.    Walmart was the first to offer aggressive reduced pricing of the iPhone 5s to $119.99 back in March.  Radioshack in April reduced the price of the iPhone 5s to just $99.99 and the price remains intact today.

The wave of iPhone 5s price cuts fall line very closely with an International Business Times article from January, which indicated that Apple will slash the price of 5s by $100 in May 2014.  The IBT article also mentioned a possibility of a May and September iPhone 6 release schedule based on news picked from South Korea.


The wave of iPhone 5s price cuts and the most recent leaked image of the iPhone 6 backlight indicates that production is underway and release of Apple’s iPhone 6 could come anytime.  At this point I’m not expecting a iPhone 6 release at Apple’s WWDC that begins on June 2nd, but every data point seems to indicate that the iPhone 6 release is coming before September.



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