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PTT Research Update & News

Posted: June 29, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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I just wanted to say hello to the Obscure Analyst family.  Some of you have decided to join my family and have signed up for my weekly Forensics Newsletter and I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to share my investment research with on a regular basis.   I wanted to let everyone know that my first 4 weeks at PTT Research have gone extremely well and the response so far to my Forensics Newsletter product offering has been tremendous.  The knowledge sharing between the PTT Research analysts makes it easier for me to do my job well and will continue to give me even more insight into my favorite investments.  Some other exciting news is that PTT Research is in the process of developing my own App for mobile devices, which will allow my subscribers to view content and interact with each other through the PTT Forensics member forum from their mobile devices.

My inaugural PTT Research investment pick was up nearly 20% at its peak in just 3 weeks since I announced it to my Forensics Newsletter subscribers on June 5th and is still up well over 10% today.  I’ve provided subsequent updates to my subscribers regarding my inaugural investment pick as well as continued updates related to my other favorite investments.  I’ve also made some solid progress towards announcing my next investment pick to my paid subscribers.  Once my deep research is complete on my next investment pick it will go through my rigid evaluation process for approval before it can qualify as my next investment pick for my subscribers.  My goal is to share my research and analysis with my subscribers and present them with investment options that they can put their money behind, follow the story and watch their investments grow over time with significantly less inherent risk.  My subscribers receive the latest trends and information on my favorite investments including breaking news headlines that have not been written that they will receive weeks to months ahead of the general public so they can profit from it.

There is still plenty of time to get into the action but the window is closing quickly before my inaugural pick along with my very detailed analysis and strong buy recommendation is presented to the general public and my next investment is presented to my paid subscribers for the very first time.   I have also discovered some amazing new developments that even surprised me related to some of favorite investments.  If you have an investment in GTAT and have not thought long and hard about buying a Forensics Newsletter subscription you have missed and will continue to miss invaluable real-time information related to GT Advanced Technologies that you can profit from.

While the rest of the world waits for the iPhone 6 to arrive I have been hard at work researching, listing and writing about the next several significant developments that will be making headlines for GT Advanced Technologies as well as my “locked” up inaugural PTT Forensics investment pick.  Are you curious what you are missing?  

My Forensics Newsletter is currently being offered at a 10% discount for as long as you keep you subscription active.  Thanks again for your continued support and I hope to see more members of the Obscure Analyst family join me over at PTT Research in the near future to finish the ride we have started and to join me on several new investment journeys for years to come.


~ Matt Margolis


Some Cold Hard Facts: My individual portfolio of stocks is up 400% since the beginning of 2013. Over each of the last 18 months my portfolio has returned a positive return 89% of the time. That means my portfolio of stocks provided a positive monthly return 16 out of the last 18 months! My last stock pick is up over 10% in just over three weeks since I made the pick public to my paid subscribers. It’s not too late to get in on the fun as well as the latest headline grabbing scoop on my favorite investments and enjoy 10% off your subscription.





My PTT Forensics Newsletter special pricing ends at 12pm EST Wednesday June 4th and my first pick and newsletter gets released on 3pm Thursday June 5th.

What is my news letter about?

My goal is to introduce 6-10 picks a year that I feel will double or potentially triple over the next 12 months. My focus is quality and not quantity. My goal as a stock research analyst is to gather as much information as humanly possible on each company I follow. My unique research style allows me to extract key tips from management over the past several years that have been laid out and build a roadmap of what is coming.

Some of you are followers of GTAT, which is by far one of my most exciting investments to date. GTAT is up nearly 90% in 2014 when I started coverage on it via Seeking Alpha at just over $9 per share. The reason why I don’t lose sleep when the stock falls 6% like it did yesterday for no “real” reason is because I have a roadmap of where GT is headed. I have an understanding of GT’s technology, GT’s industries, GT’s past and most importantly GT’s future plans including product applications and estimated timing. I think the true appreciation of what I can deliver will become completely evident as time passes. When Apple showcases the sapphire covered iPhone 6 later this year, some of you may be surprised, but I will not.

The sapphire cover screen was written years ago and is just playing out before our eyes today. I spoke with my friends and family over the summer and tried to convince as many people as I could to buy GTAT. I told my friends and family to buy as much GTAT as you can afford to hold for the next 3-4 years. I told them to buy this stock and put it in an envelop and open it up in a few years. I told my friends and family in August 2013 that GTAT was going to land a deal with Apple. Just 3 months later Apple and GTAT announced a contract, a sapphire facility in AZ and just around the corner Apple will introduce a sapphire covered iPhone 6.

My friends and family have nearly all doubled their original investment in GTAT. The only exceptions are those, who did not listen to me last summer, but decided to buy after Apple announced the deal with GTAT. I made sure to rub it in their face “Hey remember how I said GTAT would land Apple? Well they just did.”

The Apple announcement was a validation point of my ability to perform “Forensic” research on companies. I can tell you that NONE of my friends or family members have sold one share of GTAT since they first bought. However, nearly all of them have added to their initial investments because they fully trust my vision, my research and they know I don’t gamble with my money.

GTAT is much much much more than just Apple, but I wanted to share the significance of the Apple contract to give you some context. I’ve also been grilled by some seasoned professional investigative reporters and boutique investment firms over the last several months as research on GTAT received some national attention.

I decided several months ago that I couldn’t deal with any more with “the garbage” that other analysts produce and I became motivated to give a real research report so I took my “very very part-time” show to Seeking Alpha. PTT Research, led by Mark Gomes, recognized my ability and provided me with an opportunity to do my dream job. What is my dream job? Getting paid to make people money.

My friends and family have increased their net worths by hundreds of thousands of dollars from my advice in less than a year. I’ve received a few dinners in return as well as some very very happy customers. I honestly love making people money. I can only imagine what I can do for a much larger pool of investors.

My next pick is an investment. I spent hours and hours researching and building a base of knowledge. I’ve read the company comments from the past several years to understand the foundation that the company was built on. I’ve dug into the markets that the companies support including Key customer developments. My goal is to deliver the most comprehensive research report on each company I introduce. I want to educate my subscribers so they can become knowledgeable and experts in the companies they invest in.

Investing is personal and I want to deliver the personal touch. I want to deliver a unique experience to my subscribers. I want to be your “personal” analyst, who makes the traditional “Wall Street” analysts look bad. I’ve read the Wall Street reports and some are well researched and some are not. I can tell you for a fact that the Wall Street analysts, who cover GTAT are months to years behind the GTAT story. Not one analyst who covers GTAT even knew what Hyperion was before I introduced it to them. I personally feel that I am months to years ahead of GTAT’s written story. I want to be the spoiler for the company’s I cover in my research.

My goal is to be successful enough to work myself out of my day job. Everything I’ve put together on my Obscure Analyst blog was done on top of a full time job and a family a very very demanding kid filled environment at home (3 kids under 3 years old – 30 month old boy/girl twins and a 14 month old daughter). I love information and cutting through hours and hours of commentary to pull out clues, build roadmaps and get in front of companies that are ready for explosive growth and investment returns.

Thanks again for your continued support and I hope all of you join me in what I expect to be an exciting and rewarding journey for everyone who follows. I wanted to get personal with you tonight, because investing is personal and you need to put your money with someone you can trust. I feel like in running for office, but I hope you vote for me and go long with my PTT Research Forensics signup Link

Thanks again for your continued support and I’m looking forward to our continued journey together.

Matt – “The Obscure Analyst”