My Professional Background and News Coverage

I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a focus in Finance from Babson College.

My professional working experience has spanned across accounting, audit and corporate financial analysis and budgeting for billion-dollar companies (both private and publicly traded entities). This professional background gives me an advantage over most investors because it enables me to strateigically model the future financial performance of the companies I follow.

My method focuses on completing financial models and situational analyses to determine the valuation of publicly-traded companies. My independent analysis is based on a comprehensive review of micro and macro conditions, product pipeline, competitors and the latest industry trends.


I joined PTT Research in June 2014 and I have my own Forensics Newsletter.  The PTT Research team features some of the most regarded research analysts on Wall Street united around a vision of independent, un-compromised, real-time investment research-as-a-service. PTT Research is led by CEO, Mark Gomes, a 20+ year veteran of Wall Street, and a highly successful technology stock analyst that I will be able to work alongside, learn from and exchange ideas with. PTT has an amazing leadership team that will allow me to expand the breadth of my research content and expose my in-depth and informative research to thousands of new investors, who will become extremely excited about my top investment picks to make them money!


My investment research has been featured and cited by various news venues including:


Forbes January 26, 2014   

Yahoo January 27, 2014

9to5Mac January 29, 2014

AZ Family Tech Experts Video Interview February 4, 2014

9to5Mac February 6, 2014

CNET February 6, 2014

The Motley Fool March 2, 2014

9to5Mac March 14, 2014

GottabeMobile March 27, 2014

The Motley Fool April 5, 2014

9to5Mac April 30, 2014

Yahoo June 13, 2014

WallStreetCheatSheet June 16, 2014

The Motley Fool June 16, 2014

The Register UK June 16, 2014 June 18, 2014

Appleinsider June 19, 2014

Yahoo June 19, 2014

  1. crowderjt says:

    Thanks for working so hard for GTAT longs. I finally have pictures and things to show my wife why I have refused to sell! I’ve been following the board–but never posted–since I got in on Nov. 5 and although I won’t say I have enjoyed the ride (thinking of the surprise secondary), I have held tight and really like where I believe we’re going.


  2. Ed Gordon says:

    Hi Matt, Great job. Looks like you have your hands full connecting the dots and thus far I must say you have done a great service to all us GTAT longs. I find the focus on sapphire while understandable is also a distraction to the long term potential of GTAT. Hyperion and solar and LED and other potential businesses have huge upside. Know it would be a lot of work but wouldn’t it be something to map out the opportunity in all their different potential markets and extrapolate out 5 years revenues and eps. Also important but little talked about is the moat they have created and will continue to create and that has huge value. More work for you and once again my thanks. be well……Ed


  3. Gary says:

    Great research and write-ups.

    I purchased a lot of GTAT back in late 2012 at the bottom. And I can’t watch the daily fluctuations & news (otherwise i would have probably sold by now). I check every couple of months, and so far every time i check has been a great surprise.

    I think the biggest value GTAT is creating is the dominant position in each of their swimlanes. Which will translate into huge oppty that we can’t predict today.

    Richard Koch wrote a great book, “Star Principle”, which talks about the value of dominant positions in high growth markets. Recommended reading to you to envision where GTAT could go in 5-10 years from today. If GTAT is successful, 2014/2015 will just be scratching the surface of the value in GTAT.

    Keep up the research and blog. Really helping me “catch-up” to whats been going on with GTAT since the last time i looked in December.



  4. Chris says:

    Hey Matt,

    I’ve been a GTAT long since the last time it was around $16+. Naturally, as of recent, I’ve been very tempted to sell the few thousand shares I have, but have resisted the urges. This is in no small part due to the discussion on the boards and as of today, this blog. Thanks for all the info and the hard work, it helps build confidence in those of us that want to believe and hold, but are a little hamstrung by lack of knowledge or information that it seems like all the big investors have at their disposal. Now, more than ever, I am confident that although my initial purchase may have been a little premature, it was certainly the right read on this company. Take care.


  5. T. B. Walklet says:

    MATT – Question from a member of the “Great Unwashed”…You got me into GTAT below 10 and I’ve been happy ever since… My question is: could this partnership with APPL lead to a solar-powered iPhone? –Hum-m-m mind numbing!


    • I’m glad I have a happy customer! This partnership goes much deeper than a sapphire cover screen. GT can play a role in solar charger as well as other radical improvements to Apple’s devices over time. Apple’s new HQ will have a lot of solar panels. How about GT’s Merlin module being used?


  6. T. B. Walklet says:

    Thanks, Matt…will be paying close attention to your efforts!


  7. T. B. Walklet says:

    P. S. Matt- Do understand the significance of Merlin to Apple and the solar industry, but of course, knowledge of who GTAT is in the minds of personal consumers will do far more for the stock appreciation than all their advances in the parochial “producing” world. And this is where your clear, less technical reporting is so important to us – The “Great Unwashed”.Best


  8. Hey Matt,
    On a different note I was wondering if SUNE is the solar play that GTAT is working with. Some one posted on the message board today the sune held a stake of shares in GT as an institutional owner. You had stated in an article that they were working with someone in the Bay Area. Well SUNE has a plant in Belmont CA. Both GT and Sune have a deal and are working with Soitec from France in HCPV. All there are working on getting something going in the Middle East. Was wondering if you might think there is something to it.


  9. Andy says:

    I tried to order, but the discount code was not working. Can you resend it to make sure I have it right?


  10. […] My Professional Background and News Coverage […]


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