Going Long: My Forensics Newsletter Focus

Posted: June 3, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized

Forensics Focus

My primary focus will be to introduce company’s to invest in that meet my winning investment criteria; strong intellectual property, strong management, rapidly improving and/or growing primary markets.  My investment picks will be primarily “long-term” investments that I believe represent an overwhelming reward versus risk over the next 6 to 12+ months.  I am also a fan of turnaround stories; a turnaround story to me is a beat up stock that is hidden behind a very good company with strong leadership that is very driven and focused on turning around its business results.  

I believe its important to understand as much as you can about the company’s you invest in and for that reason I believe in keeping my customers informed, educated, and up to date with the latest developments for each of my investment picks.  As an investor that is focused on future value, I believe it’s extremely important to have the ability to lookout 6, 12 or even 24 months ahead and be able to understand and predict the business opportunities or pitfalls that might be on the horizon. 

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My next BIG Investment pick will be published on Thursday June 5th at 3pm EST!


My next pick is a company that is built on top of a strong foundation of intellectual property. My analysis of the company’s data and public comments indicate that a “major ramp” in future sales is just getting underway. The company’s C-suite is in the process of scaling up the business and preparing to manage a much larger and more complex company. The company has quietly created an integrated eco-system comprised of software and hardware that continues to extend its competitive edge over its largest competitors. The industry that the company primarily supports is in the early stages of what is expected to be an explosive and long-term growth cycle.

  1. pkdecville says:


    How many companies do you see yourself targeting each year? 1-5? 6-10?



  2. Matt, I think your next pick will be a company involved in the wearable revolution. 🙂


  3. K Law says:

    Matt, I want quality over quantity. I am not a short term trader. I am interested in-depth & insightful longer term ( 6-24 months ) investment ideas.


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