Latest Rumor: TK Tech News is reporting iPhone 6 will be announced tomorrow during WWDC

Posted: June 2, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Apple Investor Information, Uncategorized
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As the Obscure Analyst I always dig up information.  Tonight while checking out the latest news and coverage on tomorrow’s WWDC I stumbled across a very interesting post from TK Tech News.  TK Tech News is reporting that Apple will reveal the iPhone 6 tomorrow during Monday’s WWDC due to a large number of iPhone 6 devices that have gone missing and a reported rogue demo of the iPhone 6 that could be released at any time.  The video commentary related to the iPhone 6 release at tomorrow’s WWDC can be found here


Reported by TK Tech News: Well Well Well, Looks like Apple is going to announce the iPhone 6 at WWDC alongside the iWatch, This may be because Apple recently had a problem in one of their Foxconn plants in China. Reportedly some 40 actual devices were lost, leaked, sold, who knows, But it looks like Apple is trying to get out in front of the leaks and release the phone much earlier then they intended, Guess they dont want to be the next samsung which we saw pretty much everything they wanted to release on June 12th get leaked this week. Will apple beat the leakers and announce the device before a hands on video can be shown, It will be interesting to find out.


I went through the website and found out that TK Tech News has recently leaked several new smartphone hardware devices prior to the official manufacturer announcements.  TK Tech News published a demo video of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active on May 23rd that was filmed on May 20th.  The actual Samsung Galaxy S5 Active was announced by Samsung on May 29th.



Disclosure:  I have no idea if the claims made by TK Tech News are valid.  In the spirit of sharing information I felt it was my responsibility to share the post and video for others to decide for themselves. 



Full Disclosure: I have no position in AAPL but I am long Apple’s newest sapphire supplier GTAT.

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  1. retailbaloon says:

    here we go again! Forcing Apple’s hand… I wonder if this has ever happened before


  2. Scott says:

    Fair to assume it won’t be announced this time around?


    • They need some excitement.


    • Looks like a big swing and miss from TK Tech. Not a whiff of new products from Apple during the keynote.


      • Moneytreezzz says:

        Apple is always about the element of surprise. I can see them slipping in hardware photos and specs just as crowd is about to fall asleep. The good news is though I think Matt you may have been expecting a large announcement the overall market predicted all software and no hardware. Stock is nearly flat and this reflects that exact sentiment. If any whiff of new hardware drops at all in next couple days it would be a surprise to market. Most likely we will see one of Rogue phones leaked released very soon…


      • I believe Mr Rogue has device in hand


  3. Moneytreezzz says:

    If phones are missing the question is not if but when it leaks. If someone has iPhone 6 in hand from fox conn no way they sit on it, most likely they leak it very soon. Most likely monetizing the leak one way or another…


    • Moneytreezzz says:

      Matt have you seen new press release by Foxconn saying they will be shipping iPhone 6 by July? Just google it, here is part of article

      Foxconn confirms 4.7″ and 5.5″ Apple iPhones
      02 JUNE, 2014
      Today Apple is holding its annual WWDC in San Francisco and that should see the debut of the iOS 8. The iPhone announcement have previously taken place on the WWDC too, but not since the iPhone 4S went official in October 2011.

      Sure, as the announcement gets closer the iPhone leaks get more aggressive. We’ve already seen a 4.7″ alleged iPhone 6 leaks from all corners of the globe. And while we are still wondering if Apple will change its pattern again, Foxconn has stepped up and spilled the beans on Apple’s plans.


  4. Jeff.L says:

    The next generation of Apple devices will not represent an incremental change. Thus, they will merit their own release ceremony, and not be tacked onto the end of a two-hour presentation of development tools and features.

    But before that release, the new devices will require an operating system that can drive and connect them: iOS8 with its thousands of new APIs, many of which I would guess are still not yet revealed to the developer community.

    For example, iOS introduces the means for developers to easily provide apps with dynamic adaptation to different screen resolutions, instead of having to code explicitly to each supported resolution. This is essential not only for larger-resolution devices, but for smaller ones such as wrist-wearables, and it was unavailable to developers before today.

    In short, the fact that no hardware was announced at WWDC leads me to believe that these OS changes are preparatory to hardware changes, and that the next hardware release series will be a blockbuster.


  5. Nancy Allin says:

    Matt, will you be giving any shorter term trading advice on these stocks? I like to trade both long-terms (for me several weeks) and short-term (within a day or few days). GTAT is really soft today and I was thinking it would hold at least into the upper $16s. I am interested in your news letter but not sure that you would have nearer-term information that I can trade on.
    Thanks, Nancy


    • Nancy I can plan to devote some time to both pieces short and long for the traders. I recommend scooping up a quarterly subscription and let me see what I can do for you. I have enough of a roadmap of events to give out what is expected near near term and medium term and longer term related to GTAT and I will be getting into that detail for my other picks.


  6. Nancy Allin says:

    Are you offering a 30 day free trial? I am a really small investor Matt and am sitting at -$2,500 in the red on GTAT at the moment. I had a good week two weeks ago based on your take but this recent pullback, when AAPL is doing so well, has left me wondering what the heck is going on short-term. I really suspect the insiders selling before the WWDC soured some investors . The stock is at $15.69 down -5.82% as we speak and AAPl is at $636.71 up 1.28%. I would be willing to go for the quarterly subscription with the 30 day free trial if not happy with results.
    Thanks, Nancy


    • Moneytreezzz says:

      Matt also wanted to know if we can get some sort of a free trial for the first month so we can atleast get a taste about whet this newsletter is about. If it’s worth it I’m definitely a buyer but to throw up that much up front is a lot for most people without a sample. Just a thought…


      • I plan on delivering the incredible research the way I know how with my picks. Covering and giving as much information as I can on an ongoing basis. Touching trading ideas as well as the long ideas for each stock. My next pick is a great one in my opinion. I’ve provided some killer research and support as to why it’s amazing stuff is coming.


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