Leaked iPhone 6 is captured on video during WWDC14 slide show (likely to be a clever prank)

Posted: May 31, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Apple Investor Information
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Update: Video proven likely to be a clever prank. The good news is less than 48 hours until the opening up the WWDC14 to find out what is really on tap from Apple.

Apple’s WWDC is set to kickoff on Monday June 2nd at 1pm EST and nowhereelse.fr just published a video that captures what appears to be a practice run of the WWDC14 slide show inside the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  I grabbed the 3 images that were available from the slide show video presentation and it certainly looks like the iPhone 6.







The rear of the device from the slide show video looks nearly identical to images of the rear shell that were released from http://www.macfixit.com.au just 2 days ago.



Monday’s WWDC may just be a bit more exciting than most people thought if Apple is going to surprise nearly everyone with the release of the iPhone 6.







  1. Barry Fitzgerald says:

    Matt – if you are right, I will be happily eating my words of prediction that this would not happen at WWDC. And in any case, great work!


  2. Barry Fitzgerald says:

    Matt – Just noticed, sure doesn’t look like a solar cell on the back….still think that is more likely for an iWatch if that. So you and I could have a split decision…


    • Solar would be under the front hood. I don’t think it would be in the exterior.


      • Barry Fitzgerald says:

        I am still troubled by the physics here… from front to rear the layers would have to be sapphire, glass, display, back light…unless the next layer is solar I can’t see it since if it is in front of the back light, it would absorb all the light for the display…that is how solar works….captures as many photons as possible and makes electron – hole pairs for power. As I said before OLED might change the game IF OLED pass light when off (I don’t know the answer to that question). Then the layers would be sapphire, glass with OLED, solar. OLED displays are awesome. I saw LG large screen OLED TVs at CES and plan to get one.
        Will be interesting discussion following Monday speech…. might have my finger on the BUY button for GTAT when the first mention of iPhone6 is made. Still have a little cash. (the rest is in GTAT)


  3. millsy says:

    Sapphire this year and solar next year, we need something to look forward to next year, which is going to b a killer year for gtat. Pumped up right now, this better not b a joke or it will send the stock straight up and then straight back down if no announcement. Only 2 more days to wait


  4. retailbaloon says:

    oh well, just a trick to drive web-traffic perhaps


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