PTT Forensics Newsletter “Sneak Peak” and my Official Product Page

Posted: May 28, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized

I’m very excited about my “next pick” that will be published in my PTT Research Forensics Newsletter that is scheduled to be published on Thursday June 5th at 3pm EST.

My Forensics Newsletter pricing is now available and a special 20% launch discount (for the first 48 hours) will be available when my Forensics Newsletter subscription goes on sale on Monday June 2nd at 12pm EST.

If you were wondering what my next pick will be. Here is a sneak peak summary:

My next pick is a company that is built on top of a strong foundation of intellectual property. My analysis of the company’s data and public comments indicate that a “major ramp” in future sales is just getting underway. The company’s C-suite is in the process of scaling up the business and preparing to manage a much larger and more complex company. The company has quietly created an integrated eco-system comprised of software and hardware that continues to extend its competitive edge over its largest competitors. The industry that the company primarily supports is in the early stages of what is expected to be an explosive and long term growth cycle.


  1. Ken Law says:

    Matt, Thanks for all your great research work on GTAT. I will sign up for the quarterly subscription on June 5th.


  2. Luckylass 57 says:

    Matt, thanks for all the research that has kept me in GTAT. I agree with Mike’s comment on one of your other posts. You Da Man! Things are getting exciting for GTAT believers. I will happily sign up for the yearly subscription on June 5th.


  3. pat says:

    Thanks Matt!! Looking forward to the next pick .


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