iWatch models spotted with sapphire glass and iPhone 6 to feature sapphire glass from GT Advanced Technologies

Posted: May 28, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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CNBC is reporting that Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities May 27th report on the Asia supply chain spotted iWatch models with sapphire screens.

Additionally, the same report said the upcoming iPhone 6 would use sapphire glass from GT Advanced.

  1. Mike Stukel says:

    If I recall correctly you had stated previously that none of the analysts have an iWatch in their EPS projections for GTAT.


  2. bwkoenig says:


    I found this reference on “the fly on the wall”:

    UBS’ checks indicate GT Advanced (GTAT) had a big ramp in sapphire shipments in April at its Arizona fab. The firm estimates its shipped 1M two-inch equivalents of sapphire to an Apple (AAPL) cover screen supplier and that the number of furnaces installed could be more than expected. Shares of GT are Buy rated with a $22 price target.

    What does 1 million “two-inch equivalents” mean?
    Thanks for the great work!


  3. terzman says:

    You would think that each piece has to do with one watch ? 2″ long by what width? Or cut down so where else?


  4. bwkoenig says:

    Are we to assume these are sapphire watch faces then? 2X2 is pretty small. And this article implies that’s all GTAT shipped. Could we be wrong about what’s going on in Mesa? Odd to reference only the 2 TIE volume.

    Thanks for the help Matt!



    • Mike says:

      A 2″ circle is way to large for face of an I watch. Draw it out and see for yourself. A 2″ width would be perfect size for 4.7″ iPhone. How do they even get access to this data?


      • I don’t think they shipped these mini ingots. It’s just how the standard of measurement is. They refer to everything as 2 inch TIE even if it was 6 inch ingots that were cut.


  5. Mike says:

    Huge catalyst could be 4th payment from Apple. This should be imminent correct Matt and for of SEC filing?


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  7. […] was most recently in the news regarding his belief that sapphire was seen in some iWatch models and that the iPhone 6 would […]


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