Apple’s iPhone 6 release date is rapidly approaching

Posted: May 26, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications
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On May 23, 2014 leaked images surfaced from of what appears to be Apple’s iPhone 6 LED backlight.Image


The earliest leaked iPhone 5s backlight images that I could find were leaked on September 7th, 2013 just 3 days before the iPhone 5s invite went out.   The iPhone 5s backlight images were also leaked first by

In other news Vodaphone just slashed the price of the iPhone 5c on Friday. Target just dropped the price of the gold iPhone 5s to just $119.99 from $199.99 with a 2 year contract.    Walmart was the first to offer aggressive reduced pricing of the iPhone 5s to $119.99 back in March.  Radioshack in April reduced the price of the iPhone 5s to just $99.99 and the price remains intact today.

The wave of iPhone 5s price cuts fall line very closely with an International Business Times article from January, which indicated that Apple will slash the price of 5s by $100 in May 2014.  The IBT article also mentioned a possibility of a May and September iPhone 6 release schedule based on news picked from South Korea.


The wave of iPhone 5s price cuts and the most recent leaked image of the iPhone 6 backlight indicates that production is underway and release of Apple’s iPhone 6 could come anytime.  At this point I’m not expecting a iPhone 6 release at Apple’s WWDC that begins on June 2nd, but every data point seems to indicate that the iPhone 6 release is coming before September.



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Disclosure: My premium PTT Research Forensics Newsletter is scheduled to launch on June 2nd. The premium paid service option will grant my paid subscribers exclusive content weeks before my analysis is published on Seeking Alpha, the Obscure Analyst blog or any other website.  Another advantage of PTT is the subscriber Forum that allows sharing of ideas and analyst Q&A. Did you know, that subscription based investment newsletter are typically tax-deductible?


Additional Disclosure: I am long GTAT (Apple’s newest Sapphire supplier)


  1. Andy says:

    Looking forward to the iPhone 6 release! I haven’t congratulated you on the opportunity to take up research with PTT, I hope it goes well. For those of us who signed up we will get the first one on June 2 then will find out what the pricing will be? I was not clear on how that will work. I noticed that is an Austin-based outfit, though that is probably more of a virtual headquarters, but a nice virtual headquarters site if you have to have one.

    Also, nothing to do with sapphire (directly), but oh how I wish Swype was one of the abilities that Apple would add with their next phone or software release. That is such a handy feature and so ridiculous that Apple has not incorporated it yet.


  2. Huddy says:

    Hey Matt,

    I was trying to run some numbers and wanted to bounce this off you. I have read some rumblings that the sapphire being used by apple in FY14 would be just for camera lenses and touch ID on all iDevices. I was trying to figure out if that would be account for 600-800m guidance. I feel like even with the iWatch that would leave us short of guidance. Any thoughts?


  3. pkdecville says:

    Any insights on Liquid Metal? It was in the patent news today.


  4. kinku says:

    Hey Matt,

    is this a indication that they will announce something related to Solar in the WWDC


  5. christyroot says:

    iPhone 6 will release very soon. As iPhone 6 case is released in the market and through case you will get an idea about how phone look like. It’s amazing that without launching phone its over is coming in market.


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