My next great investment pick and my PTT Research Premium Forensics Newsletter Launches in just 9 days!

Posted: May 24, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications
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I’ve been working diligently on my PTT Premium Forensics Newsletter launch.  I’ve rolled up my sleeves (well not really) since I hate long sleeve shirts, but needless to say I am very deep in my research on my next great investment pick.  I’ve been gathering as much information as I can to understand everything that has happened over the last few years as well as digging into the “data” on this company.  The information and data points will give me context of where this company came from, where it is going as well as the various “treats” investors should be expecting over the remainder of the year and into the future.

My favorite part of researching is learning.  My second favorite part of researching is sharing.  My final favorite part of researching is sharing what I learned with people, who want to profit from it.  Every time I dig into my research it takes me places I didn’t know existed so my end product is typically more in depth than my own expectations. I am very excited to share my next great investment pick with my premium PTT Research Forensics Newsletter subscribers on June 2nd!



Disclosure: My premium PTT Research Forensics Newsletter is scheduled to launch on June 2nd. The premium paid service option will grant my paid subscribers exclusive content weeks before my analysis is published on Seeking Alpha, the Obscure Analyst blog or any other website.  Another advantage of PTT is the subscriber Forum that allows sharing of ideas and analyst Q&A. Did you know, that subscription based investment newsletter are typically tax-deductible?


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