LG and Samsung Reportedly Sampling Sapphire Cover Displays

Posted: May 23, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications
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Korean media is reporting this morning that LG and Samsung are sampling sapphire for mobile cover displays. Currently the leading sapphire growth and equipment manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies is operating the largest sapphire manufacturing facility in the world on behalf of Apple. Apple is expected to add sapphire cover displays to its highly anticipated iPhone 6 mobile phone later this year. The biggest knock on sapphire cover screens has been price and availability but perhaps one of both of these factors is about to change.

Via Phone Arena and ETNews

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  1. RV says:

    So is GTAT a possible supplier. I seem to remember a previous post in regards to a non compete clause that would indicate GTAT can’t supply any other mobile device maker. Any thoughts. GTAT up 4% pre market. Found our lows and breaking out back to highs. Big day June 2, in more ways than one.


    • I’m about 99% sure depending on what form the sapphire is in GT can supply 🙂


      • Unbreakable says:

        Yep. That’s what TG said. Could use a laminate or composite for other device makers.


      • Barry Fitzgerald says:

        Determining what this Samsung / LG deal will mean is critical now. So, Matt needs to find out what the loopholes are in the contract. Perhaps GTAT can sell furnaces? Coatings? Laminates? At this point we just don’t know….except I would not want to be one of the GLW lovers ….


      • RV says:

        I’m starting to dig into Rubicon (RBCN). Upgraded because of valuation. 50% drop in a couple of months. Way oversold short term. Have to see how they stack up to GTAT.


    • Omar says:

      In regards to Rubicon they provide sapphire YES, but their technology, process, and innovation cant match GTAT. Consider this… GT created a market …Sapphire screen covers on mobile devices…. prior to GTAT there was no market like this… sure when this type of market is fully thriving and running on 6 cylinders, I can see Rubicon becoming a supplier who is in demand for their sapphire. However at this point in time GT is controlling the race and they have all the cards you want in your favourite card game. Just waiting for the Iphone 6 release and a few big orders and I plan on selling 33% of my position. Hopefully by the end of 2014.


      • Barry Fitzgerald says:

        When you go looking to buy a product, who created a “market” is the least of your concerns. The company that can provide the best, cheapest, soonest product with the least risk, if the choice you make. This could be GTAT but then GTAT has limitations by contract so what GTAT can provide in the COMPLETE chain (and when) of need is not perfectly clear yet. We have chunks but not the whole story.


      • We have all but the “bullseye” of information left on the confidentiality agreement. The dart board is definitely smaller than it was several months ago.


      • Barry Fitzgerald says:

        That is why Obscure analyst emails are the first I read…..as Matt narrows down to the final target. Personally I think it is just a matter of when, not IF GTAT will have the total solution locked, and how BIG the success will be…..not IF it will be big….


  2. pat says:

    Why would GTAT sell to Samsung a product Apple helped manufacture ?
    Shouldn’t Apple reserve the right of exclusivity ? Isn’t the output scarce at this point ?


  3. Nancy A, Vancouver WA says:

    Hugs, I a green on my options and almost positive on the stock. Thanks for your guidance… I would have bailed but have been holding on.


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