The Obscure Analyst has Very Very Exciting News!

Posted: May 19, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized

Attention Obscure Analyst Followers and Readers,

Today is a very very exciting day and I am thrilled to share some very very exciting news with my Obscure Analyst family of followers and readers.  I launched “The Obscure Analyst” website nearly four months ago with just a handful of followers, but my website has grown to over 700 followers,  because of your continued support of my in-depth research.   I would like to thank my loyal followers and readers for their ongoing support and for spreading your enjoyment of “The Obscure Analyst” website and my investment ideas via social media and word of mouth.  I want to tell you that various industry experts, large financial investors and investment research firms have taken notice.  Most recently,  I was approached by PTT Research to join its research family as an analyst and I decided that PTT was the perfect partner to expand and grow my brand as a research analyst.

The PTT Research team features some of the most regarded research analysts on Wall Street united around a vision of independent, un-compromised, real-time investment research-as-a-service.  PTT Research is led by CEO, Mark Gomes, a 20+ year veteran of Wall Street, and a highly successful technology stock analyst that I will be able to work alongside, learn from and exchange ideas with.   PTT has an amazing leadership team that will allow me to expand the breadth of my research content and expose my in-depth and informative research to thousands of new investors, who will become extremely excited about my top investment picks to make them money!

I have been working closely with PTT’s leadership team over the past few weeks to launch a premium “Forensics”  subscription based newsletter.  The premium paid service options would grant paid subscribers exclusive content weeks before my analysis is published on Seeking Alpha, the Obscure Analyst blog or any other website.  My research approach will still be focused on delivering informative, consistent and on the mark coverage, but I would open up my research to an array of new companies in addition to the continuation of your current favorites to help you make a lot more money!

The exciting news I am sharing today is not just about me!  I have uncovered a VERY BIG finding related to GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) that readers can get for FREE and ahead of the general public, by clicking and heading over to my PTT landing page and entering your emaill address to Pre-Register for my Forensics Newsletter.  Once you have registered your email address you will be receiving my VERY BIG Forensics Discovery for FREE!

I want to thank  all of my followers and readers again for your continued support, and as investors, who want to make a lot of money, the fun is just beginning!  I hope all of you buckle up, sign-up and join me for an exciting and rewarding ride over at PTT Research!



Matt Margolis “The Obscure Analyst”


  1. Arnie W says:

    Good luck as we say mazel tov!


  2. Barry Fitzgerald says:

    Congratulations….was as I expected….but well earned…..


    • Thanks Barry – what about the GTAT news ?


      • Barry Fitzgerald says:

        I read the first article on GTAT but is seemed to include that which you already had issued. What were the key NEW things? We were expecting GTAT to have lots of new applications for sapphire, and have discussed them ….


      • New things was what sapphire can do for a mobile device touch improvement and it makes the device thinner and opens up the door for “other” stuff in there. The forms of composite materials are now defined they can use a variety of materials and make them even better.


  3. millsy says:

    Awesome news congratulations. U put in multiple hours everyday on gtat and it is much appreciated. Thanks again and i wish u all the sucess in the world


  4. kschof says:

    Congratulations Matt! Well deserved!!!


  5. berry says:

    Congratulations Matt, I wish you good luck ! You have earned it!


  6. RV says:

    $300 for a monthly newsletter….. Too much for this guy


    • RV – There should be longer term options that work out to a lower monthly out of pocket


      • RV says:

        I see that Mr. Fishman also got on the GTAT bandwagon last year. I’m sure you have compared notes. Have you gained any insight that you haven’t already uncovered. I am a loyal follower of yours but am sorry to say I’m not a big fan of newsletters. Majority turn out to be pump and dump scams. Albeit a premium newsletter but a newsletter at that. Can you please give me some re-insurance. I don’t see history of how long these other analysts have been with PTT.


      • I plan to continue my same ways. I don’t do pump and dump and market trading but a deep value story and keep my eyes and ears on it.


  7. RV says:

    Very smart to be up and running on June 2 to coincide with the WWDC. I want to see a solar charging iphone 6s next year. What do you think the odds are in the next refresh cycle?


  8. Clark Kent says:

    Congrats Matt!! Well deserved. Good luck and good fortune?


  9. Luckylass 57 says:

    Great news! Poised to triple must knows quality when they see it. Very happy for you.


  10. Bob Foulkes says:

    Hi Matt, over the past few months I have avidly followed your posts with great appreciation for their depth and insightful analysis. I am a small investor building a retirement portfolio of quality forward looking stocks, and it was through my own research that I came upon your recommendations. I own AAPL, MU, GTAT, DDD, QTMM and others, and have very much valued your investigations of these companies. While I congratulate you on your new role I am most disappointed to see your new charges for your info – not because it is not worth it, because it certainly is, but simply because for me it has now become completely unaffordable. I don’t imagine I am alone. Still I suppose that’s the name of the game. I look forwards to feeding on your scraps again.

    Best regards


  11. Scott Mantz says:

    Congratulations Matt. Will you still be posting delayed information here at your Obscure Analysts site, or will you just be posting at PTT, then SA later?

    I appreciate your work, I will check out your pricing….I assume you’ll be sending out informational emails on that.



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