Apple is focused on expanding Bluetooth capability: Interconnected devices and wireless charging are likely on tap

Posted: May 10, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Apple Investor Information, Uncategorized
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by Matt Margolis

Apple is currently recruiting for an  iOS Blue IOT (Internet of Things) Engineer to qualify the latest iOS products.  The role will be testing BT (Blue Tooths) interoperability in Apple’s innovative new phone.  The job posting also indicates the the engineer must have an understanding of OS X, Windows and/or Unix as well as familiarity with object oriented methodology.

The IOS Blue IOT engineer will focus on testing BT interoperability in Apple’s innovative new phone.  Interoperability in simple terms is the ability of two systems to “inter-operate”.  As it relates to Apple it looks like the “innovative iPhone” will be designed to exchange and automatically interpret information shared between two or more computer systems, which could be devices or actual computers.  At first I was thinking interoperability would allow the “innovative phone” to talk to an iWatch to share information but it looks like Apple is going even bigger than that.  According to the job posting the engineer needs to understand various computer operating systems including OS X, Windows and Unix.  Apple is working on the ability of the iPhone to exchange and automatically interpret information with various computer operating systems through its Blue Tooth technology.

The last part of the job is familiarity with object oriented methodology. Object oriented methodology is what Steve Jobs described as the holy grail of software programming during his 1994 Rolling Stones interview. Below are some comments on object oriented metrology during Steve Jobs’ 1994 Rolling Stones interview.

This time the Holy Grail is object-oriented programming; some have compared the effect it will have on the production of software to the effect the industrial revolution had on manufactured goods. “In my 20 years in this industry, I have never seen a revolution as profound as this,” says Jobs, with characteristic understatement. “You can build software literally five to 10 times faster, and that software is much more reliable, much easier to maintain and much more powerful.”

Object-oriented programming will change that. To put it simply, it will allow gigantic, complex programs to be assembled like Tinkertoys. Instead of starting from the ground up every time, layering in one line of code after another, programmers will be able to use preassembled chunks to build 80 percent of a program, thus saving an enormous amount of time and money. Because these objects will work with a wide range of interfaces and applications, they will also eliminate many of the compatibility problems that plague traditional software.

Apple seems focused on creating a new ecosystem of Apple devices that can automatically exchange and interpret data between multiple devices and operating systems. Apple’s Blue Tooth IOT (Internet of Things) seems destined to bring wireless charging to the next generation of “innovative iPhones” as well as some other amazing inter operating functionality between connected devices.

Below is the information from Apple’s Job Posting

You will join a dynamic team responsible for qualifying the latest iOS products. Your focus will be testing BT interoperability in Apple’s innovative new phone. The successful candidate will complete both documented and adhoc testing to ensure high quality releases.

Understanding of OS X, Windows and/or Unix

Familiarity with object oriented methodology


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