The next 90 days for GTAT and what I am expecting to hear from management

Posted: May 7, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in GTAT Investor Information
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#1 GT will raise 2014 FY guidance to $800m to $1B from $600m to $800m driven by sapphire and equipment sales.  GT will not break down the revenue contribution between ASF equipment and sapphire material sales.

#2 GT will announce another significant PV win in the Middle East.  PV Tech’s Mark Osborne has been tracking a large PV project in the Middle East that was expected to decided before the end of 2013.  To the best of my knowledge this project is still on the table and GT is in position to win this bid.

#3 GT will announce new applications for Hyperion related to solar cells as a result of GT’s develop work with a “well-known” solar cell manufacturer in Asia.

#4 The first high volume sapphire covered phone will be sold.  Although, I believe the iPhone 6 could be announced as early as June there is nothing preventing Apple from launching whenever they feel like it.  90 days from May 7 gives me until August 7th for the first high volume sapphire covered phone to be sold.

#5 GT will announce its first PO for Hyperion, likely headed to the Medical or Military.

#6 GT will announce the first Merlin order (towards the end of my 90 day view).

#7 GT will announce further progress and the commercialization of its composite glass that can be bonded with sapphire lamina.

#8 GT will announce its first “total solutions” order related to Hyperion coupled with ASF furnace and bonding equipment or coupled with a Silicon Carbide furnace and bonding equipment.

GT’s Road Ahead

Below is GT’s 2012 Diversification Road Map.  I would appreciate it if GT provided an updated version to help guide me towards the company’s 2017 and 2018 goals.

As you can see from the chart below on the left hand side above current business, GT has delivered Merlin for module technologies but is still holding out on the solar cell technologies.  It makes complete sense to couple GT’s solar cells and Merlin module technologies together to deliver a charge to the solar industry.



Full Disclosure: I am long GTAT


  1. Thomas Chorba says:

    Matt, I am no engineer but I was thinking..can GTAT composite glass (bonded with sapphire lamina) be used for eye glasses? If it can, consumers will never have to replace eye glasses that get scratched or shattered. I think this would be a very lucrative use of composite glass bonded with sapphire lamina. Amazing, if it is possible. The revenue stream will be never ending!


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