Premium Paid Service Option: Pulse Survey

Posted: May 4, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized

Over the last few months the Obscure Analyst has been delivering  FREE informative, consistent and on the mark coverage of my favorite companies.  I’ve come to realize that I love researching stocks and finding hidden value and keeping my audience excited and comfortable with their investment holdings.

What if the Obscure Analyst launched a premium paid service option that that covered other severely undervalued investments beyond just GTAT and Micron.  My research approach would still be focused on delivering informative, consistent and on the mark coverage, but I would open up my research to an array of new companies in addition to the continuation of your current favorites to help you make a lot more money!

The premium paid service options would grant paid subscribers exclusive content weeks before anyone else and allow you to take advantage of my hidden gems before everyone else knows about them.  I would love your feedback to gauge your interest as I evaluate my next steps as the Obscure Analyst.






  1. Andy says:

    How about “Other”. I would be willing to pay for a premium service, but not $100 per month. There can be no doubt that your analysis of GTAT is the best out there, and that has value, and we have been getting a bargain by getting your insights for free, with your only compensation being from Seeking Alpha, ad revenue on your blog and any capital gain you might accrue by shining the light on undervalued opportunities. If you adhere more to the iTunes model, offer your services more cheaply to draw a wider initial audience, then you could look to establishing the value of the paid service first before pushing the rate up to what the market will bear.


  2. luckylass57 says:

    Matt, I have read you for over a year and have been amazed at what you can dig up. I would be happy to pay a premium to get your insights.


  3. luckylass57 says:

    I had hoped to sell GTAT at 10.00 a share and would have if your research had not showed me that it would go up higher. That profit has given me more seed money and with your research I think I will be able to make a lot more money. I’m excited just thinking about it.


  4. shane says:

    Matt, I’ve been thinking about this too. What I think makes you great is not just that youre the Obscure analyst, but also “the people’s analyst”. That is, you provide consistent, fact based information to all to help level the playing field between retailers like me and Wall Street. We can make our own conclusions based on the info you provide. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I think it’s what makes you unique. I would rather pay you out at a designated pps. for example, I pay the equivalent of x shares when the pps hits y. Not sure how we could do this legally, but may help to keep your information available to many, rather than a select few.


  5. Gil Adron says:

    Hi Matt.

    .There are rumors here in northern israel about huge orders that were submitted by GTAT to Teldor cabels & systems which is an israely dauther company(?) of APH, The orders are going to be delivered in 2014 2nd & 3rd q. I believe u may be able to shed extra light on this matter. Thanks. Arik.


  6. Michael fargo says:

    Subject: Recycling:
    This has nothing to do with this article, just a question. What happens to the sapphire screens when the iphone comes to end of life? I could expound, but I’ve contemplated all weekend without any positive alternatives. Apple will use 100% renewable energy, but what about the re-use of sapphire?

    Thoughts? Thanks.
    Michael Fargo


    • Great point and question. It should be pointed out that sapphire screens are made from crackle today or “old sapphire pieces” that are melted cooled and turned into fresh sapphire. Answer 99.9% recycleable.


  7. bob says:

    Matt in relation to this idea, look at a web site called Siriusbuzz @ Started the same way you did by Spencer Osbourne. Bob


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