Nike Quits on Fuelband to Concentrate on App Development

Posted: April 21, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications, Uncategorized
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by Matt Margolis

CNET reported that Nike announced on Friday that they would cease all production of the Nike FuelBand.  Nike had a team of 70 people enlisted to focus on the FuelBand product with their Digital Sports division, however the announcement indicated that several of those people would be out of a job. 

Last August, 9to5Mac reported that Nike FuelBand developer and fitness expert Jay Blahnik left Nike and joined Apple to likely work on their iWatch.  Just 8 months later we learn that Nike is bowing out of the wearable fitness market to concentrate on software. 

Tim Cook has been on the Nike board for 9 years and because of the close relationship between Cook and Nike it seems likely that Apple’s upcoming iWatch may have already claimed its first victim. What is more interesting is the timing of Nike’s decision to drop the project, is this another signal that Apple is close to introducing their health monitoring conscience iWatch to the world very soon?


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