Leaked Apple iPad images begin to surface

Posted: April 18, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications
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The daily Apple product leaks continue as new images of Apple’s iPad emerged from onemorething just a few hours ago. The daily leaks indicate that Apple appears to have settled on the design and specifications of their next generation iPhone and iPads. Some of the biggest questions that remain are when will these products be released and what kind of bells and whistles will Apple be adding to the 2014 product lineup.

We may just wait for the products to
be released and just stand by and wait for another daily leak coming out of the supply chain and manufacturing plants. Foxconn is reportedly producing the iPhone, iPad and iPod for Apple. Pegatron is expected to produce iPhone and iPads for Apple and Quanta has been tapped to build the iWatch and expects to ship 65 million units over the first 12 months.

The images below appear to be the front panel of the next generation iPad , possible the iPad Air.




  1. Huddy says:

    Do these pictures or leaks give you any hint of sapphire for the iPhone or iPad?


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