Apple orders $20m of lasers from Han’s Laser

Posted: April 10, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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According to wantinews Apple placed a $20m for sapphire laser cutting machines on April 1st. The report indicates that Han’s laser predicts that a new generation of high end models of the iPhone will use sapphire cover screens on the surface of phones. The report also indicates that delivery of the first laser cutting machines are expected by July/August.

Recently, Han’s Laser Technology, Inc. sapphire surface protective cover (to protect the smart phone screen, etc.) with a laser cutting machine to get Apple’s approval of the U.S. Moreover, the company received about $ 20 million from Apple in the hands of the first laser cutting Machine orders( News Han’s Laser predicted that a new generation of high-end models of the iPhone will use the sapphire surface cover material.

Han’s Laser estimated in July and August 2014 to provide the first Apple laser cutting machine supplier would cover the surface directly to the phone Apple – Factory Changsha blue Synopsys delivery.

The Obscure Analysts takeaway – Using laser cutting sapphire machines to cut sapphire for cover screens would be a new concept and process. It is likely that GT will be using a combination of diamond wire saws and laser cutting methods. I previously reported that Apple had placed a $80m diamond wire saw order with Meyer Burger and delivery of those saws was expected to begin in January and be completed by mid year. The cost box to produce sapphire screens is already within a competitive range versus Gorilla Glass without diamond wire cutting saws. I believe it would make more sense for GT to use laser cutting methods on larger surface sapphire such as the iPad to further reduce the sapphire cover screen cost for a larger surface. It also makes more sense to use a new cutting method (laser cutting) on a a lower volume product (iPad) versus the iPhone.

Full disclosure I am long GTAT and have no plans to add or sell any holdings


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