Arizona House and a Senate Approves Mesa Sapphire Plant Tax Cut

Posted: April 9, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Mesa Sapphire Plant
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The Arizona House and Senate gave final approval Tuesday to a pair of tax cuts for manufacturers, including the passage of bill SB 1484, which specifically targets Apple Inc.’s planned Mesa sapphire glass manufacturing plant. It would provide a $5 million tax credit if a company installs at least $300 million in renewable power capacity to supply its plant. In addition GT Advanced may qualify for a tax credit of $14m if 700 jobs are added. GT will receive 20,000 tax credit per job and or job train cash.

  1. millsy says:

    Matt, Aapl actually has ownership of the building, correct?


  2. millsy says:

    So aapl will pay gtat to provide the solar system for the building. Gtat will most likely give aapl a deal on the price but revenue is revenue. Gtat will also receive tax incentive for their employees which is a win win for gtat.


  3. terzman says:

    Now maybe senator mcain will get tax review on foreing co earnings !!!


  4. Marco says:

    Hi Matt, First i like to thank you for all u hard work and in deph analysis, great work, and 2nd i want to ask u what u think about what KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo said, that only the high end 64 gig 5.5 inch iPhone 6 would have sapphire display due to supply constrains, he is the one analyst that most of the time is right in his predictions. Thank you


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