Aftermarket Sapphire Screen Protectors

Posted: April 5, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Apple Investor Information, GTAT Investor Information, Mesa Sapphire Plant, Uncategorized
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by Matt Margolis

Xgear, a maker of sapphire crystal aftermarket screen protectors put together a nice crowdfunding video in 2013 that describes some key product benefits of sapphire crystal screens and comes product demonstration of sapphires unique qualities. These screen protectors are being sold today under the product name “Krystal” by Xgear.

I was recently asked what’s the difference between this aftermarket sapphire screen protector and the screen that will show up in the iPhone 6. The sapphire being used on the aftermarket protective cover screen is composed of pure sapphire crystal and measures 0.65mm thick. The physical properties of the aftermarket sapphire should be nearly identical to what Apple will use to cover the iPhone 6. The only likely differences will be the thinness of the Apple sapphire crystal cover screens (less than 0.65mm thick) in addition to any wild features that Apple might attempt to adhere or etch to the under side of the sapphire screen itself (solar cells?).

The listed benefits of Xgear’s “Krystal” aftermarket sapphire screen protectors are below.

Surface hardness of 9H (with the hardest being 10H) makes it nearly unscratchable

Thickness of .65mm (0.025in.) keeps your phone slim and sleek, Sapphire is 3.3x harder than glass

Oleophobic coating resists liquids, oils, and fingerprints while a beveled edge keeps you safe from cracked & chipped edges

Dielectric properties of sapphire add hover touch and through-glove touch abilities

Anti-shatter film prevents screen protector from scratching or cutting if broken


The main issues with the aftermarket sapphire crystal screen protectors are the price ($50+) along with your typical aftermarket screen protector installation issues (dust, bubbles, trouble sticking). From my experience these are the same issues that plague all other screen protectors and just the reason why an iPhone with sapphire crystal cover screens need to be incorporated into the original product.


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