Rumor DeJour: Double Plated Sapphire iPhone

Posted: April 2, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Apple Investor Information, GTAT Investor Information, Mesa Sapphire Plant, Uncategorized
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Filip Truta is reporting that a French site has gotten a hold of leaked documents that detail the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhones. The leak alleges that the iPhones will come in 2 version N56 and N61 models 402/401 and will have sapphire covering the front and back of the device. This development if it is indeed true opens the door up significantly for other options including solar charging. I’ve followed Filip’s work for a while and this isn’t the first time he brought up the idea of Apple returning to a double sided glass iPhone and it only makes sense if sapphire is going to be used.

Original French source

Leaked Image of Schematics can be found here

The talented Martin Hajek, tapped by the Frenchies at (who obtained the leaked documents), has created a few mockups based on the purported schematic. He achieved the image displayed above (click to enlarge).

“…assuming that the illustrations below are true, the iPhone 6 would be declined in two versions (N56 / N61 and 402/401 models) respectively equipped with a screen of 4.7 inches and 5.5 of diagonal,” according to the French site.

“Visibly thinner than the current iPhone 5s (7.1mm thick according to my source), first note that the edges of the iPhone are slightly curved unlike those of previous generations with four slices were flat,” reads a rough machine translation of the report.

  1. bwkoenig says:

    Matt, does sapphire front and back change any of your calculations regarding GTAT sapphire sales volume? If this is true, then it essentially doubles the amount of sapphire Apple needs.

    Also, does this thinner look suggest a more solar powered device with less space for a battery? Could that be one purpose for glass front and back?


    • My ASP $!calculations per device would rise by up to 2x from $10 to $20. The back of the device make is more likely Apple is taking advantage of the heat dissipating ability sapphire can provide away from the processor. In addition, the sapphire back does increase the likelihood of solar charging with such a large surface area available. Even if the overall % of sapphire devices sold are lower, the front back sapphire option provides a nice hedge and upside to revenue estimates in my model.


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