Obscure Analyst returns next week with a vengeance!

Posted: March 27, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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Below are some stories that you should expect to see when the Obscure Analyst returns to active duty over the weekend.

1) Corning exec’s and their continued denial regarding gorilla glass versus sapphire benefit debates.

2) A deep dive into why sapphire can offer a significant “performance” boost for electronic devices and this goes far below the sapphire cover. Does your electronic device ever freeze or get upset at you while performing some basic functions? The answer is yes and sapphire might be able to minimize this occurrence. I frankly refer to it as a pissing contest between the electronic device components that impact the overall performance of the device, but it has scientific name and scientific method to help the situation. I will dig into this “lesser known” scientific benefit of sapphire, which can boost the performance of the device and in turn increase battery life. Something every electronic device manufacturer is striving to improve.

3). I will highlight my discussions with a fellow tech nerd, who had a chance to speak to GT’s Dan Squiller over a year ago regarding GT sapphire screens. This tech nerd also has a business colleague that had a chance to play with the $10,000 Vertu sapphire screened phone and did some “testing” on the screen. The colleague was more concerned with being mugged than actually damaging the Vertu sapphire screen.

4) I will detail Apple’s planned production phases inside Mesa. Yes phases! Each section of the building is broken into 9 phases. Could each phase represent a different product? Or Just a different sized sapphire device (5.5″ versus 4.7″ iPhone)? Could each phase represent staggered launch dates for multiple products? The production phases certainly open up some new questions and possibly shed some light on the long term plan between Apple and GT.

Several other stories are in R&D include some at least one wild benefit of sapphire that could help Apple users see and use something that’s not “really” there. Lastly, if anyone has anything they want me to dig into feel free to email me at matt.margolis24@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to dig up something good for all to enjoy.

~Obscure Analyst 3/26/14


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