Weekend Project Underway

Posted: March 8, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in My Publications
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Just when I thought I had uncovered everything I think there is even MORE stuff that needs to be discussed on 3/14/14.  If this one isn’t on Friday’s agenda then GT’s management team might want to get it added to the list ASAP, because it will be a hot topic.

For now, you will have to enjoy the music video version, until my story is completed over the weekend by Monday morning. I hope the song is stuck in your head all weekend!   Enjoy!

Tom Gutierrez GTAT CEO

Okay well, #1, that we really don’t have much competition, technologically. And by the time we’re through this next series of technological updates, we’re probably going to be creating an even more significant lead, technically. (Q3 2013 CC)

But we are committed to the product line that we expect will make a huge difference for us in 2015. (Q3 2013 CC)


~ Obscure Analyst 3/7/14



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