GTAT Analyst Estimate Round Table

Posted: March 6, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in GTAT Investor Information, My Publications
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I’ve consolidated the latest round of analyst coverage into one place. I’ve also added the Obscure Analyst numbers and detail so you can compare them side by side. One of the main differences in my estimate is that I have added Apple revenue for iWatch and iPod and my non Apple revenue indicates that GT’s “other” business lines and new business lines are set to contribute in a major way beginning in 2015 and beyond versus the “Wall Street” estimates that completely ignored GT’s non Apple business.

I think it is important to remind everyone that not too long ago GTAT’s Poly, PV Equipment and Sapphire (non-Apple) used to bring in close to $1B of annual revenue and over $1 EPS. If you look at those business lines today partnered with additional technological advances (Hyperion, HicZ, MVPE & PVD) and new revenue streams (SiC, Hyperion andTBD) along side the ripening macroeconomic conditions, you would realize, that the “old” business model can double from an annual clip of $1B to $2B by 2016 in a snap.

Screenshot - 3_5_2014 , 11_41_06 PM

My detailed analysis and coverage on GTAT can be found here

Full Disclosure: I am long GTAT and have no plans buy or sell any holdings in the next 72 hours. If you asked me for my real answer I would tell you I have no plans to sell in the next 2 years, but I’m just a bit more obscure than most.

  1. George Jones says:

    Thank you for your unusual analyst roll-up and perceptive summary. Nice to relate the 2015-16 outlook to past success.

    Can you give more detail about your forward looking? CEO Tom Gutierrez has identified specific Customers, the industry groups are projecting a Demand Recovery in 2015 in all of GTAT markets, and TG is bringing disruptive new technology to market. What are your expectations, or required success, with present Customers and assumed new customers, Demand Recovery and GTAT revenue percentage of total demand, and technology chronology roll-out?


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