Saudi PV Contracts May Deliver Sunshine Either Way?

Posted: March 2, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Solar News, Uncategorized
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A new article from PV Tech from Author Mark Osborne, who by the way is always on top of his game, made some interesting comments about 5 days ago (link below).

In reference to the Middle East, GTAT was one of a group of preferred bidders for a major new polysilicon plant in Saudi Arabia, which would be built in phases over several years. The successful bid for that plant was originally expected to have been announced at the end of 2013, which suggests a decision is imminent.

Recently, SunEdison announced it was undertaking a feasibility study with Saudi partners to build a major PV manufacturing complex that would include polysilicon production through to PV module assembly.

Though it is unclear at this time whether the two polysilicon plants are connected or not, GTAT could benefit from both regardless.

He also made one more comment regarding 3/14/14 webcast on new technologies

major new product announcement on March 14 is not related to its Twin Creeks acquired Hyperion wafer technology, nor the HiCz low-cost monocrystalline polysilicon technology, previously touted to enter the market in 2014.

Perhaps a new tool is coming out of GT’s war chest?

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