Institutions Add 11.2M Shares of GTAT in Q4 so far

Posted: February 16, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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Matt Margolis – 2/15/14 update

Based on Form SC 13G/A filings the largest institutions have increased their stake in  GTAT by 11.2M.  Morgan Stanley is the most notable new comer to the institutional holders after they added 7.0M shares.  Morgan Stanley was also one of the underwriters for GTAT for their debt/equity fund raiser in December.

My takeaway:  The increase in institutional holdings is often a good sign of things to come however, because GTAT issued up to 9.9M new shares in December it’s hard to get an accurate read on net institutional additions.  I’m curious what everyone thinks?   Also, if anyone is listening the various financial sites had different share counts for several of GTAT’s institutions ( you are on my naughty list), so where possible I checked the previous filing to do my best to keep the institutional holdings at an apples to apples comparison.  With that I’ve included the major shareholders along with the changes and current ownership %.


GTAT issued 8.65M new shares in Q4 along with an additional 1.3M shares that may be offered and sold pursuant to exercise  in full of the underwriters’ option to purchase additional shares of Common Stock which brings the total issuance to 9,942,196 shares.


If anyone wants to monitor the activity of Institutional ownership for GTAT they should set their bookmark to Edgar Online.   


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