GTAT to resume Social Media updates soon! Hang in there Twitter and Facebook followers!

Posted: February 16, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Uncategorized
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Matt Margolis – 2/15/14 


The latest job posting by GTAT for a Manager, Marketing communications posted on 2/14/14 seems to indicate the reason why GTAT has been in hiatus from social media including Twitter and Facebook since the end of November.  One plausible reason is because they have been short staffed.  The latest job posting includes someone to update the GTAT website as well as servicing Facebook and Twitter with media publications.  The job description overview is below.



  1. todd harris says:

    I posted about this on the GTAT message board and I also thought this job listing was interesting. I thought it was really odd that GTAT seemed to get really interested in social media and posting quite often in the middle of last year and then all of sudden stopped all updates. Anyway, this position is not one which would seem that expensive or particularly difficult to fill and it would seem odd to me if the reason for not updating their sites was because they were short staffed. I personally know a bunch of people in this field who could do a much better job than what GTAT was doing with their social media presence.

    Anyway, I find it too big a coincidence that this stopped soon after Apple announcement and it appears they are getting ready to start back up probably right after their earnings call. A call which is on a Monday morning which makes me think they have something pretty good to announce. Anyway, I guess there is no way of knowing, but I think the short staff theory is less logical to me that Apple asking them to be quiet.

    I guess it could also be that they were not pleased with the response they got from their social media presence and are looking for something more through and wanted a complete reboot and that is part of this job posting. As with some much of GTAT, lots of theories and no way of knowing for sure but I really look forward to them updating their sites finally and keeping the public aware of everything that got going on.


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