Renewable Energy Is Winning the Battle Versus Fossil Fuels

Posted: February 10, 2014 by mattmargolis24 in Solar News
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A great article on how Solar is winning out over other energy sources.   A quick highlight from the article on Solar’s potential is below.

Drivers of renewable energy growth
While electricity generated from wind is much larger than solar today, it’s not the future of renewable installations. Most of the easily and economically developable wind resources in the U.S. have been exploited and costs aren’t falling as rapidly as they are in solar.

The solar industry is where there’s high potential because solar power has the potential to provide enough electricity for the entire country and costs are still falling rapidly. You can see below that utility scale projects are less than half of what they cost in 2010 and residential projects are about one-third cheaper. If we go back even further, the cost of a solar panel 35 years ago was more than $100 per watt and today you can get one for around $0.65 per watt, a cost reduction of more than 99%.




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